Saturday, March 3, 2007

Create Your Own Glass Cleaner

Using house hold items around the house, you can make your own glass cleaner. It's not hard and you avoid cancer causing chemicals that are store bought brands.

3 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice
1/2 cup alcohol
1/4 teaspoon dish washing liquid
a few drops blue food coloring

Combine the vinegar, alcohol, dish washing liquid, and food coloring, then add enough water to make 1 quart. If you prefer a ammonia cleaner, substitute 2 tablespoons ammonia for the vinegar.


1. White vinegar is best for cleaning.
2. When you use vinegar to wash windows, dry with newspapers.
3. To keep your freshly cleaned oven from stinking up your house next time you bake something, wipe it with white vinegar as a final rinse. It neutralizes the harsh alkali of oven cleaners.
4. Clean the Coffee Maker: Fill the water reservoir half way and run the coffee maker as you normally do and then run it once full of water.


KIM said...

Any ideas what type of alcohol you'd use to make the glass cleaner? Isopropanol?

Eronn said...

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